Keith Fullerton Whitman: 21:30 for Acoustic Guitar    (APTB002)
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The Wire, September 2001

Better known to the world as Hrvatski, Keith Fullerton Whitman offers a beautiful diversion to his "Amen" based drill 'n' bass productions with the terse 21:30 For Acoustic Guitar, Inspired by Terry Rilery's Timelag Accumulator, which looped sound back upon itself to conjure hypnotic dislocations, Whitman ran an acoustic guitar through his laptop and a four-head tape delay machine. With the computer filtering out all frequencies except the root tones from the guitar and the constant modulation of very slowly decaying echo patterns from the delay effects, Whitman has updated the Frippertronics of No Pussyfooting for an audience schooled in Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol 2. The repetetive blips generated through the computer resonate with the insistent strum of the guitar, but manifest tonalities that weightlessly float in clusters of shimmering particles blown outward in a slow motion aerosol dispersion.

Atsushi Sasaki, Faderbyheadz, Crossreview, August 2001

Long-awaited second * release of the new electro- Ni mosquito * label and apartment B of New York which is known by the fact that that ???? is excavated. It is what, but you see and it is the name which is not accustomed to tell the truth the Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge (being to be long even excessively, recently having named the Reckankomplex, you can laugh) changed name of the ?????? which is led (autonym?) So, being upper with the ?????? name, the person the ? ? it is with the hard core sound (?? * ????? extolment!) Vis-a-vis, with this way administering delicate DSP processing to shunning the ???, being very delicate, it builds up beautiful minimal electronic sound. It consists of the music 2 tune about of 10 minutes, but hearing longer, it becomes greatly. It probably is the feeling, digital edition of the ti fluorine of the French * ? * word? (A)
(treated by Babelfish)

Andrey Gorokhov, Musprovzet, August 2001

Keyt Of fullerton Whitman, who lets out his blasting breykbit under the pseudonym Of yurvatski , he recently published 20 minutes of acoustic gitarnoy music. this two tracks, improvised for one evening into the 1999- ohm to year. The original was released by the print run in all into 20 copies, and now - remastirovannoe publication for the mass market, as it is written on the cover. It is possible to assume that these are the sufficiently simply arranged gitarnye tints, which were subjected to diverse transformations on the computer. If 4 I correctly understand commentaries, then computer identified the pitch of tone and governed/controlled the generator of sine wave, i.e., simply stated, by the whistle (but on the scientific - by resynthesis of sound). Some layers of sound are obtained by frequency shift of base layer upward or downward... plus reverberation... plus the unnamed effects. As a result came out multilayer minimalistichnaya moire cloth. In the first track the timbre of guitar still can be recognized, in the second - only unsteady electronic sea, which, with strange means, sounds sufficiently stressed.
(treated by Babelfish)